Sunday, March 16, 2014

Objective Driven Technooogy Use in the Classroom

  • Objectives provide a way to measure how effective your assignment was. (1)
  • Objectives are a way to lay out what your students learning outcome will be from the lesson. (1)
  • It is not the process of the learning but the expected result/outcome. (1)
  • Objectives are very specific and leave very little room for interpretation. They answer the 5 W 1 H. (2)
  • Technology can be included into the objective as a condition under which the student is to master the objective. (2)
  • Technology should not be added just for the sake of it. It should serve a definable purpose. (2)
Example Objective: Student will show a mastery in United States Geography by being able to identify all 50 states and their Capitals.

Appropriate usage of technology for this objective:
  •  Using a State Capitals interactive game to practice mastery along the way. 
  • The teacher could also use a video with a catchy song to help students learn. 
  • Another option would be to use Google Earth and let the student explore the country from that perspective. 
  • Ultimately the mastery portion of the objective will most likely be tested without technology like through a pen and paper exam or quiz.

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2. Wilburn, Sharon T., & Wilburn, Kenneth T. Developing Measurable Program Goals and Objectives. Florida Department of Education Academic Achievement Through Language Acqusition. Web. 16 Mar. 2014 <>

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