Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Biggest Fears

For one of our assignments this week we were asked to reflect on our biggest fears about managing the learning environment.

I think this is a very valid concern and an important area to look at, because personally this is probably one of my biggest fears about being in my own classroom.

What if the student's don't listen to me? What if they don't take me seriously? What if they don't learn anything the entire year because of this?

When looking into the future at what my classroom will be like, my biggest wish is that I can create a supportive yet authoritative relationship with my students. I want them to feel comfortable coming to me and know that I am there for them, but at the same time respect me and my commands.

I know that I thrive on structure and I think I will do very well creating a structured learning environment with procedures for almost everything! I do worry though that I will create a structure that really doesn't work and then have to recant it. Will that create distrust with my students? Will they see my flaw and take advantage? I know as new teacher that many of my procedures probably won't work perfectly the first time. Even if I do have a "perfect" procedure it may not be a good fit for my particular students. As the title of our Prezi this week said, "It is a Balancing Act!".

I think going into my first year teaching with an understanding that it is a balancing act will help; it will take time and flexibility to find the balance. I will need to have patience with myself as well as my students. I hope to create an environment where we can work together to form this relationship and procedures that work for all of us.

Hopefully through my student teaching I will be able to observe multiple situations where my mentor teacher has to flex her command and take control of the class. I feel that these observations will be most important, more beneficial even than reading books on the topic.

I don't expect my first year to be perfect, my only hope is that my students finish the end of the year with knowledge and excitement for learning more. Only time will tell!

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